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Flyer Design

Picking up Red Lobster (Taken with instagram)

On the way to work (Taken with instagram)

Pretty cool Stuff!  My work got featured

Please check out this link and “Appreciate This” at the bottom of the page.  




The people, united, can never be defeated.

A follow up to yesterday.

I saw a card a lot like this one and decided to remake it with a few little tweaks. I have this one and one other in mind.  What do you think?

Got this far and than Maya crashed on me and I havent saved in awhile. I might move on to something different for awhile and come back to work on this later.

With some quick cheap walls

Starting the Lashes

Modeling Wheatley from Portal 2.

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robertbaldwin robertbaldwin Said:

Very Tough Question. hmmmm. Maybe a Robot Dinosaur?


The plan is to keep this thing updated as much as possible. I’ll be posting new works in progress as well as info on classes that I am currently in. Alright, at least there are more than a bunch of pics on this page now.